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WEDA Submersible Pump ( = Pompa Submersible) Atlas Copco’ s WEDA submersible dewatering pumps and accessories are designed for an extensive range of dewatering pump applications in, among others, the rental, construction and mining industries. They provide the performance, reliability and ease of use you need. WEDA pumps feature built-in starter and motor protection, and optional automatic level control. Adjustable wear resistant rubber diffusors and hardened high chrome impellers ensure durability in tough environments. https: / / watch? v= qhzpsTURngQ Made to last: WEDA pumps are made with materials and components designed for the most demanding applications. Easy to use: Aluminium casing and compact design combine to make WEDA pumps light and easy to handle. Minimum downtime: A unique sealing system makes it possible to carry out effective maintenance on site in minutes. Low cost of ownership : Cost-effective sealing systems, a modular design and a minimal need for maintenance combine to give you a low cost of ownership. > Kini hadir authorized distributor kami di Surabaya dan Makassar untuk wilayah Indonesia Timur : Jawa Tengah ( Jateng) , Jawa Timur ( Jatim) , Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat ( NTB) , Nusa Tenggara Timur ( NTT) , Sulawesi Selatan ( Sulsel) - Sulawesi Utara ( Sulut)